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Pies to Die For: 

How to live a vibrant life despite a fatal diagnosis


PTDF is a How-To against the bad stuff of living with metastatic cancer or other lethal diagnoses.

This book was built on a series of chapters named for the monsters of attacking your frame of mind so you can't enjoy the time you have left. It is also a romp through art appraising; specifically through the writer's husband and his clients who have lost their insured art through death, debt, divorce and disaster. These stories offer hints on how to cope with something beautiful being gone, or they entertain you with the strangeness of human nature, even without stage four anything. This book hopes to give you tools for your journey, however long or short. so that you will live vibrantly, gratefully, and with gusto till the end. 

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How lucky we are to have this brilliant author share her stories with us! Through stage four metastatic cancer, Dr. Weaver delivers five-star inspiration.

Dr. Jandie Schwartz

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Co-leader of the Breast Cancer Book Club


To read Carole Weaver is to love her. This follow up to her luminous Side Effects is another delightful perspective shifter. Refusing to submit to the maudlin and morose, Carole introduces us to an enchanting array of people and scenarios she and her husband, Ken (an antiques and art appraiser) have encountered.

In an era where confusion and tumult reign, Carole exposes the light, the beauty, and the sheer joy of living, encouraging gratitude and optimism in her readers.

Tracey S. Lawrence

Author, Dementia Sucks: A Caregiver's Journey--With Lessons Learned


In my years of dealing with serious illness--as a patient, a writer, and as a medical musician--I've never met anyone who knows how to deal with it in a better way than Carole Weaver. She's a marvel and an inspiration. This book, beautifully written, is a must-read for anyone and everyone touched by life-threatening illness.

Andrew Schulman

Author, Waking the Spirit: A Musician's Journey Healing Body, Mind, and Soul


This book is not only a primer for those with THE DIAGNOSIS, it's a primer for living a full life. More than that, this book is a testament to the author's love of life.

Lynn J. Maier



In Pies to Die For, Carole Weaver brilliantly injects a rare positivity and patina into the fabric of Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC). She weaves her magic throughout this mesmerizing narrative, using quaint, anecdotal sequences that seamlessly delineate the grief of a MBC diagnosis as "water falling into a cistern with no light."

Laura Carfang, Ed.D.

Executive Director & Founder,