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Side Effects: The Art of Surviving Cancer

Not another book on surviving breast cancer!


Yes, but this one has a twist—conjuring the power of art to heal and revitalize.

Among the paintings, sculptures, and unusual collections in her lover’s home, Carole finds comfort and even cure in her yearlong struggle with chemotherapy, multiple surgeries, and painful side effects. To paraphrase Tolstoy, happy endings are not all alike, and this one, about a 62-year-old with only one real breast will, like the art objects she loves, satisfy and delight.

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Carole was a college classmate - stunning, vivacious, special, different. She became our class valedictorian. No surprise that her book, Side Effects, The Art of Surviving Cancer is special, colorful, exciting, painful, authentic, different. Captivated, I read her book in almost one sitting. Her cancer journey, so different than my own, is a message for anyone - touched by cancer or not - that regardless of appearances, circumstances or conditions, beauty, hope, inspiration and love always remain.

Elaine Lindsey Carter


Side Effects: The Art of Surviving Cancer by Carole Weaver-Linsner, is a very well written and personally honest saga that resonates powerfully for me. As a breast cancer survivor and visual artist I especially appreciate Carole's commentary of Hokusai's thoughts on aging (he's always been one of my favorites) and the descriptions of artworks that are emotionally meaningful to her; a leitmotif that develops the story line in an intimate and accessible way. If you want to feel less alone as a cancer survivor always waiting for the other shoe to drop, need guidance as a newly diagnosed cancer patient or if you love someone who is living through the "side effects", read this book !

Siena Gillann Porta,



We often read memoirs which are just that and nothing more. While reading Side Effects I experienced all at once what seemed like a screen play for a movie, plus a creative soulful integration of the healing benefits of various pieces of art most meaningful to Carole during each phase of her journey with cancer.  


This is a story told by a poet, a skilled writer and wordsmith. I'm drawn into each moment of the story: I care about what happens next.  I feel compelled to turn each page, discovering an unraveling journey of incredible synchronicity, romantic magic and infuriating frustration with our American system of mainstream allopathic medicine.  


This is a story of courage, pluck, love and passion for life.  The innovative imagination which characterizes every page makes this book a masterpiece of artful creativity.  This book will change your life, as it did mine. 

Sheila Pearl,

RELATIONSHIP COACH,  AUTHOR of Ageless &amp; Sexy: The Magic of Sensuality - A Love Story


Reading Carole Weaver's wonderful book Side Effects provided me with a specific anthropological-like lens. One that focused on our medical culture through a personal narrative that is not only moving,  but describes  how our health providers can impact our lives when we are most vulnerable.

Dr. Weaver eloquently shares through poetry and metaphor her journey by sharing deep human feelings  and fears. She creatively uses symbolism from classical artifacts that are  both profound and  ironically humorous, all of which  surround, support and nurture her recovery. The love from friends and family plus her courtship with her now husband, describes  the cherished and valuable consequences of significant relations as positive factors in coping and healing.

This is a book that is a micro saga that can influence those who are or know of someone going through a chronic illness. It is also most informing for the medical world to dig deep into their sometime hidden legacy of empathy and doing no harm. It is surely a book to be read by all.

Dr. Kenneth Silvestri,



Carole's book shows you that side effects are not just the physical and art is not just images and objects, but instead are ways of healing, embracing life and finding meaning through challenging times. Carole's story is uplifting and inspiring; at times sad and other times laugh-out-loud funny. Side Effects is the story of one woman's remarkable journey of surviving breast cancer, but it is also so much more.

Joanie Wanamaker


Carole's presentation was really terrific on so many levels....... grace, ease, passion and beauty! .... a natural performer -- so I'm happy there was ample time to address things as they came up....... such a natural teacher and so warm and inviting.

Marianne Carroll.



This book is not just applicable to surviving cancer. It is a must read for anyone on the journey of life.

Chris O