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Train Romance: Poems and Images


Ken Silvestri, Natasha Rabin, and Cat Weaver provide their unique impressions through poetry of the mystique of train travel. As they are one of his favorite subjects, this collection also includes the train photographs of Ken Silvestri. 

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This amazing book, Train Romance, gives us three different approaches to the lure of trains.
In poetry by Ken Silvestri, Natasha Rabin, and Cat Weaver, we are brought into their individual worlds and their unique fascination with trains. Ken Silvestri's photographs add another artistic dimension that allows us to see trains with new eyes.

Maria Mazziotti Gillan

Recipient, American Book Award for All That Lies Between US


The universal experience of train travel is captured with nostalgia, humor, sadness and exquisite detail in Train Romance. Anyone who has ever leaned their forehead against the cool glass of a rushing train as it rolls through a lonely countryside, will smile in recognition at this lovely collection.

Vince McKewin

Writer of eleven Hollywood screenplays, including Fly Away Home


Like the trains they take as subject, the poems in this collection carry the reader along a journey. The scenery changes, characters come and go. From Ken Silvestri's nostalgia for a train-rich childhood, Natasha Rabin's world travels, and Cat Weaver's excursion into literature (imagining Anna Karenina dressing for her fateful encounter with a locomotive) trains appear in a variety of functions and facets. Like an actual train journey, these poems leave us changed and enriched by the experience.

Allison Stone

Author of Caught in the Myth (NYQ), Dazzle (Jacar Press), Ordinary Magic (NYQ)