About Carole Weaver

Carole Weaver, PhD, is a writer, professional speaker, and fund-raising consultant who lives in Rockland County, New York with her husband, Ken, an international art appraiser and conservator. She has written Side Effects: The Art of Surviving Cancer (2016) and, as Cat Weaver, she is a co-writer with Ken Silvestri and Natasha Rabin, in Train Romance, a collection of poetry and photographs. Her latest book, Pies to Die For traces her diagnosis of metastatic cancer and remarkable continuing journey since 2016. Her two sons, James and David, live in California, and so does her grandson, Mac Weaver, now four years old.


Art has only two purposes—the worship of beauty and the relief of pain. 

—Louise Bourgeois


With a doctorate in English and a lifetime of adventure in travel, matrimony, single parenting, and fund-raising—and a few side trips into performance art—Carole Weaver offers her varied skills in this saga of survival through meditation on beauty, oddness, and the work of love that is art. In her early 60’s, with her kids grown and gone, she has sold her big house and moved into a tiny apartment. While still raising money for a woman’s college, she’s really hoping for some bit parts on Broadway. Then fate deals her two hands: a fascinating new boyfriend and breast cancer. There are complications, especially with the cancer; but somehow, her resilience, her passion for the man, and even her overly educated mind pull her through. This is a Cinderella story for an aging feminist in the 21st century.