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Author of SIDE EFFECTS: The Art of Surviving Cancer

As a Motivational Speaker, Author, Professor, Actress and Cancer Survivor, Dr. Carole Weaver has a lot to talk about.

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Surviving Your First Draft

7 PM Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2020

Dr. Carole Weaver explains the process of writing a book as a means for making sense of her breast cancer experience.

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Prescription for Success with Dr. Emil Hadley on

On November 7, 2019, in an episode entitled "Survive Cancer & Thrive," Dr. Emil Haldey interviewed Dr. Carole Weaver, PhD, breast cancer survivor, motivational speaker and author and Mr. Richard Brodsky, the President of Richard Brodsky Foundation, a brain tumor and HIV survivor who is now a marathon runner.

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NSA/NYC Chapter Monthly Meeting -

SIDE EFFECTS: An Introduction to the Book.

On May 10, 2019, Dr. Carole Weaver-Linsner gave a speech entitled, "Side Effects, An Introduction to the Book" at Synergy Labs in downtown Manhattan. 




Dr. Carole Weaver

With a doctorate in English and a lifetime of adventure in travel, matrimony, single parenting, and fund-raising—and a few side trips into performance art—Carole Weaver offers her varied skills in this saga of survival through meditation on beauty, oddness, and the work of love that is art. In her early 60’s, with her kids grown and gone, she has sold her big house and moved into a tiny apartment. While still

raising money for a woman’s college, she’s really hoping for some bit parts on Broadway. Then fate deals her two hands: a fascinating new boyfriend and breast cancer. There are complications, especially with the cancer; but somehow, her resilience, her passion for the man, and even her overly educated mind pull her through. This is a Cinderella story for an aging feminist in the 21st century.



Not another book on surviving breast cancer!

Yes, but this one has a twist—conjuring the power of art to heal and revitalize. Among the paintings, sculpture, and unusual collections in her lover’s home, Carole finds comfort and even cure in her yearlong struggle with chemotherapy, multiple surgeries and painful side effects. To paraphrase Tolstoy, happy endings are not all alike, and this one, about a 62-year-old with only one real breast will, like the art objects she loves, satisfy and delight.

Available in Paperback and Kindle

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Reading Carole Weaver's wonderful book Side Effects provided me with a specific anthropological like  lens. One that focused on our medical culture through a personal narrative that is not only moving,  but describes  how our health . . . 

Dr. Kenneth Silvestri,



We often read memoirs which are just that and nothing more. While reading Side Effects I experienced all at once what seemed like a screen play for a movie, plus a creative soulful integration of the healing benefits of various pieces . . 

Sheila Pearl


AUTHOR of Ageless & Sexy: The Magic of Sensuality - A Love Story


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